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  • Fluentino is a platform for an easy and regular foreign language practice. It’s a web-based application that can also be used in a mobile browser.

  • Once you subscribe / register on the website, you will get access to available discussions on various topics in the foreign languages you might be learning. You can join them and practice your chosen language with other learners around the world. The conversation is audio-only and anonymous so you won’t need to reveal your identity if you’re not yet confident to do so.

  • We welcome learners and tutors from all over the world to join and create the conversations in various languages. Though for now only the following languages are available: English, French, Spanish, and German.

  • Any level of the language proficiency will work here. We don’t ask you about it at the registration, but you can filter out the discussions based on the level you’re looking for - and join the chat with the more advanced people or the same level as you have.

  • This application will work best for people 16+. Younger kids might not be interested in this format.

  • Learners can buy a subscription to use the application, although they have 2 weeks to test the service for free before making a purchase. You can pay monthly using the most comfortable payment method. Professional tutors can use the platform to promote their courses and programs and invite their students to join it. Tutors can become moderators of the discussions, start and coordinate chats. They can use the platform for free if they qualify.

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